Confused Priorities

It seems the Irish Army are not too happy with the current situation. Members are leaving in droves with the low pay and high commuting cost. I don’t have huge sympathy on that point, as presumably they did, or should have, known the basic finances of taking any job before they signed the contract.

But its also a level of economic ignorance by the state to think it is possible to pay a low wage for the modestly-hard-to-hard job of soldiering, and not  have your employees poached away by more lucrative offers in the economy. When your soldiers are lured away by wages available in Spar, Centra or, god forbid, the equally low payed and seat of the pants job of being a recently attested Guard, you can bet pounds to pennies that the bean counters in the whatever howling wilderness of a sub-sub -subsection of that department that calculates army wages and allowances has been asleep at the wheel.

The real tragedy of this of course is even for hardened Libertarians, and all breeds of conservative – this is the thing the State is supposed to do, and generally can do well. Being the monopoly on force, protecting the realm, being an aid the the civil power, these things are all encompassed within the bailiwick of the Libertarian view, yet, for some reason the State cant even do that right.

In a way we have the best and worst of the Libertarian ideal State tied up in this one issue  – a State that really is not too interested in developing an overweening forceful apparatus of oppression or interference, but on the other hand still loves taxing the population until they squeak,  and loves meddling in the things the State should stay out of.

This is modern day Ireland. A State that is deeply worried about how to fix Irish obesity (answer: another tax) and dribbles on about equality, the proportions of women in (X sector),  or which ever shibboleth is en vogue in this [current year][current month]  and throws money to the tune of 19 billion a year at social protection, a sum that everyone not in power  can agree is far too low, but isn’t interested in doing its core duties.

The job of the state is not to make us healthier, thinner, happier, more or less equal in the politically correct proportions or to alter the human condition via the lovingly applied incentives of taxation or welfare. It does not do these things well, and in the long run, will make us worse off.  What galls me is that is does not even seem to be on the table for the  national debate as to what the State should be doing or not doing.  It’s simple GIMMEDAT politics or #FEELS policies all the way down

Never mind about building  the roads, who will fight the zombie apocalpyse?

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2 Responses to Confused Priorities

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  2. What galls me is not the fact that the state thinks it’s responsible for making us thin, happy, equal, and content. They’ll press whatever buttons they are permitted to press.

    What galls me is the fact that so many “citizens” think it’s the job of the state to make them thin, happy, equal, and content.

    We are a nation of slaves.


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