State Sponsored Migrations and Perverse Incentives.

The refugee crisis that is causing such misery is nearly entirely a manufactured misery. The European Governments have created a perverse incentive (with citizen’s money of course) for the mass movement of people from one region to another. There is no element of free market or free human choice associated with it.  It is a government programme, ostensibly designed to reduce human suffering and promote a more inclusive loving world, but since it is a government programme it will achieve exactly the opposite of its desired goals .  The origin of the programme lies deep in the virtue signalling  psyche of your average leftoid European, and then magnified and weaponized by the giant bureaucracy of the EU.

Without the incentive of welfare there would be no mass flow of people into Europe.  Certainly the conflict in the  Middle East would still be a push factor, but they would be more likely to seek safety nearer to home.  Additionally, the lure of benefits has created a flow from non conflict countries for economic reasons.  Since leftoids don’t understand economics, it is unsurprising that the basic tenet of econ 101 – that people respond to incentives, is lost, or probably , was never even understood.

So what have these incentives created? We now have a situation where as long as Ahmed or Fatima can get themselves onto European soil , they win. This has created an overnight lucrative people trafficking trade across the Mediterranean ocean, and I use the term “across” somewhat blithely because as it turns out, all you need to do is get into the Mediterranean and the European superstate (in the form of the Award Winning Irish Navy) will take you the rest of the way, Yes, any old leaking hulk will do, just get offshore and get feet wet, and Italy is a certainty. The incentive here is exactly that, untold thousands drowning , and other nastiness, in the same leaking boats that the EU has incentivised them to take.  Not looking so humanitarian for the virtue signallers when you look at it that way.

And of course, none of this is free. The housing and care for what is now millions of people will  cost BILLIONS of euros, which of course must be extracted from European taxpayers. This means more tax or less services for the native Europeans. In real terms that is less vital services for the poor, the elderly, the young – the “most vulnerable” in society (who it must be admitted occupy a shifting and nebulous position on the hierarchy of oppression relative to the  apex oppressed migrants).  One million euros given to Migrant families is one million euros that must be taken from German families, or a million euros worth of German families which will not be formed due to the reduction in wealth such a transfer entails.  It is a slow strangulation of European birthrates, both now and in the future, and the state subsidised displacement of a native population. This, tangentially, is a definition of genocide (…a coordinated plan of different actions aiming at the destruction of essential foundations of the life of national groups, with the aim of annihilating the groups themselves..Raphael Lemkin, Polish Jewish jurist).

How is this humanitarian? How is taxing away of European birth rates pro human? Must the average European woman work away all her fertile years, and forego motherhood to fund massive influxes of economically dependant migrants? Who virtue signals for her, and her dreams? For her uncreated children and family? What of the senior citizens, are they live on reduced pensions so refugee centres can expand? Why do the leftoids not virtue signal for the very obvious implications of their own policies?

So we have two perverse incentives, both countering the Kumbaya good intentions of #feelz fuelled virtue signallers. We have the human chaos of encouraging free entry ,and the massive wealth transfers taking place on their arrival in a massive orgy of wealth destruction and malinvestment which will echo for decades.

There is a final perverse incentive, which is far more ominous and hideous. The influx of a widely incompatible culture, which seems to have an above average density of rapists  is rapidly turning host population into nationalistic, K selected, right wing voting BADTHINKERS.    The  European people are peace adapted population, having not seen war in 70 years and as such are not easily violent today ,but have a huge history of efficiently applied violence in the past. When a populations women and children are threatened, the primal element of tribal defence will becomes manifest. No tribe can tolerate its means of propagating its genetic future threatened .Biology wont allow it. This influx has forced Europeans to become tribally orientated, in an ethno-nationalist sense.

And with European economies on the rocks, the unhappy and unemployed will seek a scapegoat for their woes. The migrants will be the what the Jews were in the 1930’s. There already has been attacks on empty migrant shelters in Germany and Sweden, what happens when angry European start burning down shelters with migrants inside?    The migrants, many of whom are non violent and do want sanctuary have been dropped into a firebox of rising ethno-nationalist tensions. The near future I predict will see reprisals by various right wing groups (or maybe mobs is more accurate) on migrants.  Is this humanitarian? To encourage people to move to a region where they cannot prosper by their own means, and where the natives are becoming rapidly hostile towards?  Some migrants will die at the hands of angry Europeans in 2017.

There is nothing humanitarian about the EU response to the migrant crisis. Given even a medium term view,it is clear that it is deeply cruel to everyone involved. Virtue signallers cannot see past their own r selected amygdalas and the need for constant good vibes. This would normally be harmless, but the expansion of the state in recent times has solidified their hold on the levers of power creating  havoc within the borders and without. This is why the left and its bankrupt identity politics and economic ignorance needs to be fought.  It feels good, but costs lives and plays fast and loose with the future of those not yet born. The government programme of the migrant solution will surely achieve a rise in  hatred, ethnic tension, division and nationalism, the exact opposite of what it was meant to deliver. And the last time the fires of European nationalism were stoked, half of the continent had to be flattened to extinguish it.


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